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Droer Brewing: Good beer, starting with the details of the equipment


Droer Brewing: Good beer, starting with the details of the equipment

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According to statistics, since July 2014, the total sales volume of domestic beer has continued to decline for 30 months. At the same time, the production and sales of medium and high-end brand beer and imported beer have grown against the trend, and the “small and beautiful” Brewed beer is one of the important members.
The beer brands that the Chinese people are most familiar with are Qingdao, Snowflake, etc. The most bought are the 3-5 yuan beer of these brands. These are the so-called “industrial beer”. The history of craft beer is actually earlier than that of industrial beer. It originated in these European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. It is famous for its full fermentation, rich flavor and rich taste. Among them, it is also distinguished by German craftsmanship.
Shandong Daoer Fine Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engineering company that promotes the application of German mini whole wheat pure draft beer brewing technology. The brewing equipment is jointly produced by German Haofu Co., Ltd. In 1992, Doyle developed and listed the first whole-whole wheat micro-beer equipment in China. In recent years, it has continuously introduced a new generation of micro-beer equipment, which is rich in beer equipment, home brewing equipment, and research and development of craft beer equipment. experience of. At present, Daoer manufactures three kinds of equipments, such as classical luxury type, returning to the original type and modern romantic type, according to different market needs. All of them use computer numerical control system, exquisite craftsmanship and convenient operation. They can brew six different flavors and three different kinds. Whole-grain pure draft beer. Using pure natural raw materials, without adding any preservatives and chemical components, the produced beer slurry is full-bodied, rich in fragrance and strong in killing power. Especially the yeast containing unfiltered pure beer retains pure natural nutrients, and is also in the beer family. Treasures. The three-type equipment is suitable for hotels, bars, hotels and entertainment malls of different grades. To enable customers to taste high-quality craft beer, but also to witness the beer manufacturing process, stimulate consumer enthusiasm and trust, and ultimately form a unique beer consumption drinking culture.
In the Chinese craft beer market is about to break out of the important barrier, the market competition for beer equipment has become increasingly fierce. The survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest, how the Doyle company is based on such a strong competition, and achieve long-term development and progress, relying on the continuous improvement and innovation of equipment manufacturing details. Dow's fine brewing equipment draws on the concept of automobile production, adopts modular design and manufacture, and has quick disassembly and assembly and convenient transportation. The special material water mixer is designed. The malt powder is mixed with water and fed, and the distribution of wheat trough is more scientific and reasonable. The uniformity and flavor quality of the fermentation are ensured; the lifting type trough structure and the large-flow low-pressure flushing device are adopted, the troughing structure is simplified, and the coagulum is also easier to clean. On Doyle equipment, there are many more similar details and innovations...
Craft beer, focusing on a "fine" word. Shandong Daoer Fine Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd., with its exquisite pursuit and love for beer, constantly explores traditional crafts, modern technology and natural convergence, and constantly seeks breakthroughs in equipment development and brewing practice. We look forward to your appreciation. Tasting, come and feel.
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